June Sticker of the Month!
This month’s sticker of the month is probably the most obscure one yet. Here’s Medusa as a samurai. But not just any samurai. This is Medusa as a Crab Clan bushi from Legend of the Five Rings. L5R is a very long running CCG made by the people who did 7th Sea, my all time favorite CCG. I’ve never been super hardcore about L5R, but I’ve played a bit here and there over the years. I am a huge fan of the Crab Clan though, a samurai family of huge, ill tempered warriors and sinister shugenja that dedicate their lives to defending an enormous wall that separates civilization from the demon infested Shadowlands. Pretty cool! The Crabs are sometimes the bad guys of the story and sometimes the good guys, an one of them blew up the moon once and than became god, so that’s pretty great. Anyway, here’s Medusa as a badass Crab Samurai. Some friends and I each bought a deck of cards from the new set last month and have been playing teh game a little. It’s fun! I know a few of you are still waiting for last month's stickers. I've been dragging my butt, but the're on the way. This and those should all arrive in the same package! Again, thank you all so much! - Jake