June TL DR

June was my first "official" month on Patreon. I finished the month with three supporters:

  • One is my best-friend, and co-creator of Fiat Games.
  • Another is a Sci-Fi Author who I met on Patreon.
  • The third is an old-friend from my Boy Scout troop.

Thanks to their generosity - I have a $23.00 "game dev" budget for July, which is more than I was expecting (and more money than I have in my personal bank.) It may not sound like much, but it literally means the world to me. This "unlocks" a plethora of "extensions" for Game Maker (that simply wouldn't have been accessible to me before. 

Special Thanks

I'd like to give a Special "Thank Youu" to Logan for gifting me a license to GameMaker: Studio 2 in addition to his patronage. That's seriously one of the nicest things anyone has ever done for me. 


Space Breakers:  Post-Mortem

My goal was to develop a new mobile HTML5 game in June, and release it in the first week of July - I was almost successful in doing so. My project for the month was "Space Breakers" which was a deceptively simple project, with a tortured development cycle. 

 In the first-half of the month: I experienced several small victories.

  • Most importantly: I created an original game (and it's lots of fun.)
  • It's the first one of my games to feature an online leaderboard.

About half-way through the month: Square-Enix asked me (nicely) to stop using their  Intellectual Property, which brought my "social-media marketing" efforts to a screeching halt (and also forced me to "start over" with the game's aesthetics.) But - I learned some valuable lessons, and I'm thankful for that. It took me about a week to get the appearance "right" again after that whole-thing. 

In the final week: I tried to "over-complicate" it by implementing an additional gampplay mechanic (spoiler alert: asteroids) into the mix. I assert that would be totally-awesome (and the higher levels of Space Breakers do need something) but the "whole point" of making a game in a month is to make a game in a month. 

I've have created a new arcade-game that's simple, but fun... and I'd rather release it (than toss Space Breakers into a pile of unfinished rubbish.) I'm forcing myself to walk away from it for now, but I promise you this: The (eventual) sequel to this game will have asteroids, and enemies that move in formations. It's going to be rad, dudes.

Space Breakers:  Release Date

Space Breakers was supposed to come out in the first week of July. I was torn between the fourth of July, and 7/7 (Bungie Day) but I procrastinated in my choosing and ultimately circumstance made the decision for me. I came down with a high-fever and didn't do anything last week (besides drink water, eat motrin, change ice-packs, and try to sleep.) 

I'm feeling waaay better now, and the next thing on my to-do list is to create a simple "one-page" press-package for bloggers - but I'm not gonna make you wait for that, though. 

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