Hey Gretchen, Berent, Valerie, Marshall, Gregory, Ryk, A.C.,, April, Deb, Earle, and Jeffrey.

As always, thank you all for your support!

I began with $215.20 going into June.
-7.43 for publishing
-10.00 for Scott Woods
-10.00 for Nicole Homer
-5.00 for Casey Rochetau

leaving me with $233.21 going into July.

I posted two books during the month of May:

A Completely Biased Guide To Comics I Think You Will Or Won't Enjoy, a 48 page series of reviews of various non-superhero graphic novels.


The Complete Masochist's Journey To Stephen King's Dark Tower, Including Several Stops In Mid-World, an 88 page guide to the Stephen King reading project I started in September. I imagined this was just going to be a Patreon bonus booklet, but I've been queried about turning this into an E-Book by a publisher, so there will be a more thorough version of this coming up in the future, hopefully.

Since the Memorial Day post, I've also posted a reimagining of Phil Collins's "Face Lift" album mostly in celebration of happy Questlove looked after playing "In The Air Tonite" on The Tonight Show. I also made a "What's Beef?" mix, chronicling the current Drake vs. Pusha T feud, including many of the songs they sampled to produce their tracks.

Keep an eye out for more tracks, and a new book before the 15th of the month.

Thanks again!