An update has been long overdue, thanks for being patient! First, a quick rundown of what I am working on going into July, along with future plans.

Fairy Captivity

No new translations after this week, because hopefully because I'll be caught up to raws (~Chapter 190) by then.

Yaoguai Mingdan

Still waiting on more raws. Yue Er told me that this story arc has finally reached the climax. Likely to have chapters out in July.

100 Ways to Kill A Seal

Kind of less-than enthused about this series at the moment, due to its annoying naming convention of characters. Will revisit it again later.

Wangpai Yushi

I may redo the chapters I worked on previously, since there are some pretty embarrassing mistakes in there. Potential candidate for next focus.

Space-Time Prisoner

Someone else released a few translated chapters, so it appears they are picking it up. Essentially dropped, unless things change significantly?

Beyond 2017

We are halfway through 2017, strange as it may seem and June marks the eighteenth month since I started translating. For the most part, not much has changed: I still mostly do solo / partner projects, and I probably still don't release as much as I should.

Of course, that assessment isn't the whole story. Some things have changed significantly, such as starting my collaboration with Squiggles, a Japanese translator, shifting my attention away from translation somewhat. Additionally, I no longer find myself picking up new projects on a whim. I find this to be a good thing, taking it to mean that I've found my footing, and I know what projects I want focus on.

Still, I think it's essential to keep growing, improving, and to take risks. Hopefully you'll like what I've been gambling my time on. ^_^

Until next chapter,

~ Caek