June Update, $3 away from the next goal!
Hello Summer!

May Merch is being sent out this weekend, it'll be prints of May wallpaper. My apologies on lateness, as yall know its been nuts this past month BUT I'm ready to move forward. After finishing a commission in my queue, I will be starting new merch, the top tier reward and June's wallpaper (that is much less complex and time consuming WHEEW).

Thank yall for your June support! I just want to let you know we are $3 away from the next goal!!! Currently I am saving patreon money to stock up on products for the shop opening (this month hopefully!!) but at the next tier I will be utilizing the money for better equipment for more S T R E A M I N G!! Yes! So please consider telling a friend about me, we only need one or two more all access patrons to make that goal!

Have a great summer guys! Stay cool!