Its the 6 of the year and you know what that is meanto be! No you ask? Me neither!

Spoilers Ahead

There's gonna be one! It's coming this month! That one is still on schedule.

I know I said that I wanted to get one out in June AND July, but the July episode is running into some complications. We'll still try to get it done in July but that seems very unlikely. I also will be starting on a new one. A videogame one. I might do a few Spoilers Ahead brainstorm streams of it. Keep your eyes peeled.


Also there's gonna be one. Probably before the end of the month but it's pretty long for a "The" so this one might cut it kind of close or spill into early July.

Here are just a few dump tidbits about other things

-Now that the LootCrate series is over I'm thinking about some potential live action stuff to replace it

-I have a few ideas I want to run on LyleSucks

-You'll probably see some test footage of the new podcast before the end of the month

-I'll definitely do something in regards to e3. Not sure which channel yet

-Ex-Stream this month

-Short cartoon hopefully in July

-These next 2-3 months are going to determine the direction I go with my youtube career. I might make a bigger post detailing this in the future but right now I'll just leave it at that.

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