June video plans - Mine Arts and Mine Crafts
Hey guys, ZloY here, once again with the promises of how awesome everything shall be!

First off, let me thank you all for the support you've ever given to me! It's been a wild ride from the start and with all the hickups and Real Life TM interference I'm genuinely surprised that I  am still able to do this.

And you guys are the only reason for that. You are making it happen. Not only patreon supporters, mind you, the viewers, the likers, the subscribers - you all do your part. 

So far June 2016 on ZloYxp.AVI seems rather promising

The speed-arts and art in general is making a comeback starting tuesday and we'll be aiming at finishing the Achievement Hunt by the end of the month. Thankfully, we're pretty much halfway there.

I'll do my best to also upload some miscelanious stuff like maybe commission or youtubers drawings. All this will be probably fueled by footage from art streams and whatnot, so keep an eye out on https://beam.pro/zloyxp

Survival Minecraft will be becoming more prominent. And this might seem like a mess, so bear with me.

FullStack SMP will continue coming out every wednesday and saturday. This is a series I do both on the .ru channel (ZloYxp.MP4) and .AVI, so it's actually 4 episodes a week for me, but oh well, I believe I can take it.

The storyline will be taking a short detour to recharge my creative muscles and give me some time to figure out possible machinimas. Still, the plotpoints and twists will take place in survival footage.

Decidedly Vanilla season 3 is finally starting on my channel too. This has long been overdue and I can't wait to get back on the server. While I'll be putting effort into having more collaby stuff on the server, since the DV presence on YT and its community is rather strong, story bits and bobs will definitely be there. And I want to once again go somewhat B-movie horror style. Get ready for plotthreads from way back when and devil sheeps and tales from the crypt.

First episode should be out later today


now there's something I thought I'd never do. 

Two weeks ago I downloaded a free copy of minecraft Win10 edition and basically fell in love with the game all over again. Subtle differences and parts of the game being cut meant I get to discover stuff anew.

Basically, this resurrected my passion for singleplayer. And since I never actually had a SinglePlayer series on .AVI channel, I think it's ok for me to at least try this.

Am I good enough to take all that creatively off the ground?

Will I even have enough time for all this?

Will there be any actual rewards on my patreon except for exclusive previews??


the answers are "probably"," yes", "hopefully" and "I wish".

Oh, and HERMITCRAFT RECAP has now been functioning for almost two months with no hickups. Much thanks to Pixlriffs helping me out with writing and providing excellent voiceovers. Just for the record: both of us don't get anything out of it and only do the recap as a passion project.