Thank you so much everyone for your support!  It was a tough month for me for many reasons, and I'm fighting my way through a consequential backlog of work and delayed correspondence now, but I haven't forgotten anyone!  Commissions are back on the table and WIPs should be trickling their way into here soon.

The winner of the June sketch commission is: Aubrie Gantnier!  

Because you all helped me to hit my first milestone goal this month, goodie bags are also in the raffle now!  :D  They'll include any number of things, from original pencil artwork to signed print bundles and small, personal art-related gifts.  The winner of the very first goodie bag is: Daniel Warren!

And because I'm extra grateful this month, I'm sending out two more random special print bundles, and they'll go to: Rowan and Vilhelmina!

And Elven Patreon, you have an offer of a free signed print of your choice waiting for you in your messages!  :)

The next commission raffle and goodie bag drawing for all July patrons will be held the first week of August! 


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