June's first artwork batch (Kaneki Ken) is ready!
It's filled with high-resolution image and Photoshop files of "Light of Crepuscule," starring the incredible Kaneki Ken from Tokyo Ghoul! Long-suffering Kaneki goes through the coolest (and possibly the most...?) character redesigns, despite all the pain he endures. (Methinks Ishida-sensei gains vigor from our tears.) I've posted the artwork to my DeviantART, where I hope you may enjoy it! m(_ _)m 

Dear y'all, you can pick up your high-resolution Tier A rewards here, Tier B rewards here, and Tier C rewards here! Please take your time! All file links will always stay up for you (please let me know if you have any trouble with downloading or with your files.)

Dearest Mark Hong, thank you so much for recommending the sleek and generous MEGA  for fat file uploads and storage, thereby saving my beleaguered Drive and Dropbox...! I'm absolutely grateful to you for always immediately crafting wise solutions! 

EDIT: There was an issue (which was definitely my fault) with the files being behind a password wall (which they shouldn't be! So please let me know if any file requires a password!) Ari kindly brought that issue to my attention ASAP, and thanks to him, now you should be able to download your rewards freely.  


EDIT 2:  Ari once again saves the day! He gently suggested WinRAR over .ZIP files for even better compression for you all, and pointed out some problems with the files I've uploaded! 

^ To amend these and other problems, no longer will I stuff the files of Tiers into higher Tiers, creating monstrous files that'll burst past your data limits and tease you with failed download attempts... A Google Doc titled "Where are the rest of my Patreon rewards?" is included in every download from my Patreon - so that all download file sizes remain manageable, and you'll never miss your rewards! 

Please enjoy your well-deserved rewards, dear patrons! To everyone who kindly looks at, likes, and passes around my work... my family and I are deeply grateful to you for your warmth and support. Please remember that you're wonderful.