With my Mayterials project entering its last few days, I'm just popping up to remind you all of the project you will see here next month.

If you are a Patron by the end of May, you will be rewarded with a digitally painted portrait of your very own, sized for use as a profile pic/avatar, a lot like my own profile pic here on Patreon.  All you will need to do is send me an appropriate photo to work from when you get a message from me and I will do the rest. 

$1 Patrons will get a monochrome portrait with a plain background.


$5 Patrons will be in full colour.   

$10 Patrons can request a special feature (do you want glowing eyes or  German expressionist lighting?)


$20 Patrons can request a special feature and background detail. 

$50 Patrons get a profile pic and banner artwork of their choice. 

$100 Patrons should just get in contact to discuss what they would like.

Thank you again guys and enjoy the rest of #Mayterials month!