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Jung & The Active Imagination
Brand new show with an encompassing subject that goes right into the heart of who you really should be. 

Carl Jung contended that one of his chief tools for individuation was the Active Imagination. He drew from the actionable insights of ancient mystics, from the astral contemplation of the Neoplatonists to the arcane rituals of the Gnostics. We learn how to utilize the Active Imagination in our lives for the liberating secrets of the unconscious. We also deeply explore other Jungian viewpoints concerning such phenomena as multiple personality disorder, channeling, reincarnation and even Gnosis of the Lord of the Rings mythos. And much more!

Astral Guest—Robin Robertson, author of Inner Voices: and Other Essays on Jungian Psychology and Jung and Frodo: 7 Paths of Individuation in Lord of the Rings.

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