-11- Jupiter

Sevy walked into Ree's tap room after his day at the funeral home. He got his first pint and finished it mostly with the first gulp as he had for so many years. Ree handed him additional napkins. Sevy finished his pint and asked for bottles to take home with him instead of ordering his usual second to imbibe at the bar.
Sevy walked across the street to order a sandwich and then walked past his house to the corner and crossed the street to walk back to look at his home from across the street as was his habit. He stood only for a few minutes until the mass transit bus passed. He thought to himself, the neighborhood has changed, without a clear point of reference.
Satisfied that the house was still, Sevy walked across the street to unlock and lock his door for the eight cycles he needed to perform and then inside the house, again locked the door and unlocked it to relock it until eight cycles were completed in his fingertips.
Sevy opened a bottle with a twist and deposited the others into his refrigerator. He placed his sandwich on a plate and looked at the bottle in his hand. He pulled a glass from his cupboard and poured the beer into the glass before moving to his coffee table with his sandwich and beer.
Sevy picked up a remote control and turned on his television, a video cassette player and the speakers that were plugged in to the stack of electronics in the open air of his living room. He pressed the button labeled with a triangle. The machine whirred with the sound of the video tape rewinding. Sevy had recorded a program on the local public broadcasting station about the planets and space. Sevy frequently watched PBS and infrequently recorded programs to watch later, but his thoughts would not quiet when he heard the advertisement of exploring the life expectancy of the sun.
Sevy set his electronic pager within reach and began the program.
A stentorian voice sounded with words that described the placement of planets around our sun. More words described the orbits and the nuances between an elliptical and a circular path. There was information about the percentages of helium and hydrogen and carbon. The program further went on to explain how the sun is losing its isotope lithium relevant to its age. But the most fascinating bit for Sevy was ninety seconds devoted to The Gas Giant Jupiter.
Sevy was taken aback when he saw the video move across his television screen. Jupiter seemed to be made of colorful revolutions that Sevy likened to thin veils of abstractly painted scarves flowing in misty fog like watercolors over a canvas. Most interesting about the movement was that it seemed as though the poles at either axis appeared to be in one pattern of movement and the bit Sevy likened to the equator had another movement that seemed to move in the opposite revolution of the poles.
Sevy pressed rewind for the video cassette to repeat the minutes he had watched. He stopped the video so he could separate the three pieces of Jupiter he saw clearly moving in opposing directions. He rewound the cassette and listened to the narration again. Gas giant with clouds of hydrogen and helium. Sevy rewound the cassette to the beginning again. The sun is made of the same elements as the planet Jupiter. Sevy fast forwarded the tape to return to the part about Jupiter. There were bursts of fire that were presumed to be meteors crashing into the hyper reactive cloud coverage of the planet.
If not for The Gas Giant breaking apart these large interstellar objects, the meteors falling into our Earth's atmosphere would be one hundred fifty times the size.
Sevy rewound the tape to watch the objects collide with Jupiter's atmosphere again. He saw there were direct explosions and always in the same vicinity of the cloud covered planet. He paused the video and pulled a ruler from his desk. He measured where the object exploded. He wrote numbers in a journal. He played another few seconds of the tape to have another explosion appear on the screen and again paused it to measure from the corner of the television to the explosion recording the data. Over and over again until he recorded each of twelve explosions during the oration.
Sevy settled back in his sofa and rewound the videotape again to the beginning and watched through until after Jupiter's atmosphere concluded and there was further discussion of the sun and the life expectancy of our solar system.
Sevy watched the program in its entirety and then made notes of all the people who were credited with the making of the program. Sevy rewound the video and ejected the item from the machine to deposit on his desk. He walked to the kitchen and poured another beer into his glass that had been emptied as he watched the program. He sat again with his sandwich and debated whether he would eat it.
When his beer needed to be refilled, he moved from the living room to the kitchen sitting with the newspaper from the morning folded still unread. He realized the reason he didn't eat his sandwich in the living room was because it was not his habit to eat in the living room and it was better that he brought it where it belonged for consumption.
Sevy opened the newspaper and scanned for headlines. He was disinterested in much of the day's news. He felt as though the newspaper turned into a blathering social fatuity. He thought there was perhaps an underlying message contained within the words published, but more and more he thought those calling themselves journalists have little more thoughts and investigative prowess than a comical team of children looking to find out who frightened them on the playground.
Topeka Treating Mystery Message Like Graffiti. Sevy folded the newspaper behind itself to isolate the story in his hands. Officials believe the tile was placed recently because such an item could not have gone unnoticed in the high traffic area. Sevy scanned the article to see if there was definitive information. He thought it could not possibly be one of the tiles he took to Kansas over ten years prior when traveling. Southeast corner of an intersection at Sixth and Kansas Avenue.
Sevy walked down the stairs to his workbench in the basement.
He opened a cupboard that hung on the wall above his workspace. He filed through leather journals and composition books with black and white cardboard covers. He found the pages he sought and carried the volume up the stairs to the kitchen table with the newspaper after going to his desk, retrieving a mechanical pencil and changing the lead piece inside with a red point.
Sevy read the article again and stopped in the middle of the article reading; the message states ONE MAN VERSUS AMERICAN MEDIA. Sevy read his journal and flipped pages to be sure.
This could have been the first tile he had made with the words, HOUSE OF HADES referring to the hellions of the American media. He sat with his chin resting on his hand while he examined the words used in the article again.
City officials removed the tile and have it on display at the Department of Transportation. His eyes traveled up to the beginning of the article. City Council has declared the message to be graffiti and had the piece, made of a plasticized chalk white material removed by four members of the street crew yesterday. Torches were used to melt the asphalt around the tile before prying it out from the crosswalk. All that is left of the cryptic message is a patch of black asphalt to fill the 8 millimeter divot left behind after the eight hour endeavor.
Sevy was fascinated by the word cryptic to describe the message. He thought it could not be clearer. Journalists were hellions. They claim they want to report the truth, but what they really want is ratings and awards.
Sevy read the article again. Topeka took note of the message. And the Philadelphia papers picked up the story. Someone is seeing his message. Sevy found it intriguing that the media allowed the message to be recorded in the newspapers. They did however refer to the messages as cryptic and therefore were only asking people to help them find meaning in something they were not clever enough to decipher.
The tile was discovered by researchers reviewing satellite photographs, who came across the blemish on the film and went to the triangulated location to discern the anomaly.
Sevy questioned aloud, "Satellite photographs?" From the article he couldn't discern the researchers or any information that was not spelled out in neat little black letters on newsprint.
Sevy read the article again before closing the newspaper and putting the whole of it in his briefcase. He decided he would cut the portion about the discovered tile, but incinerate the rest of the newspaper the very next time he went to the funeral home.

-Journal- June 20, 2004

A year after the tile was removed in Kansas City, Missouri the associated press ran the article describing removal of my tile. Moreover, the tile is being preserved at the Department of Transportation. The tile is not being discarded, but preserved.
Interesting after over twenty years of making the tiles and ten years of the tile lying in the streets of Kansas City that someone noticed. I've noticed copy-cats have started making tiles here in Philadelphia. The message is being heard and people do understand. One day journalism may be eliminated as the source of news. Facts have already been stripped away from articles. It is with suppositions and opinions the majority of news is published. Perhaps then we can get answers about what programs are being funded with our tax dollars here as well as on other planets.

Thanks again for reading.  I'm going to try to catch up and post once a week from now on.  Health issues at bay and Revision Seven is Complete and in print again.