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Jupiter and Venus
Yesterday,  August 27th, Jupiter and Venus converged in the sky and were the very closest that they will be. This won't happen again until 2065. You can still look up and see them tonight with the naked eye but yesterday was a special day so I painted this painting. 

An interesting fact, even though Jupiter is about 11 times wider than Earth and about 12 times wider than Venus, Venus was actually the brighter star in the sky! 

This painting is a just a small reminder to look up.

Special thanks to Phil Plait, The Bad Astronomer, for showing me the two planets as they had just began to drift apart last night and for teaching me a few things about the spacecraft Juno that is currently taking some fantastic photos of the planet Jupiter. I'm sure Juno will inspire some more Jupiter art from me in the near future and when it does I will share some more of what I learned. 

This painting is dedicated to my husband Johnny because yesterday was his birthday.  <3

The high rez version of this image is attached in my feed.