Jupiter square Neptune and Other Stories

The main astrological feature of 2019 is Jupiter’s square to Neptune which begins in January. The second square will be in June, the final in September. I’ve already mentioned here that just as Jupiter entered orb of the square in December 2018, we had people searching for the meaning of the word ‘nebulous’ on Google after a spat between Jean-Claude Juncker and Theresa May. I could just as easily reduce that sentence down to ‘searching for the meaning’ and that too would provide us with another possible interpretation of this combination of planetary energy. As ruler of Sagittarius, Jupiter loves to roam and Neptune rules spirituality. 

Both Jupiter and Neptune rule Pisces. Jupiter expands on what it touches. We have great waves washing through us. Waves of compassion. Waves of loss. Are we finding faith and losing it? There’s great hope and the potential too for utter despair. Uncertainty grows. There are so many stories, so many possibilities. When I look into this aspect, I feel like I’m adrift in a wide ocean, no land in sight. On a mundane level we could be looking at an increase in those who are lost and forgotten; a magnification of apathy; great illusions; increased drug use; a rise in gurus or preachers promising paradise; false hope; mass giving up; tidal waves – and yes, the awful tsunami from the volcano in Indonesia occurred as Jupiter in Neptune began their square. Positively, we could also see an increase in poetry, art and film; more fantasy films being made; explorations under the sea and into space; greater education about homelessness and drugs; more compassion; more people turning to spirituality to find meaning; greater faith; increased tithing, gifting and generosity towards charities. 

Jupiter is optimistic, Neptune a believer. Some may be living on a wing and a prayer. Most likely, they are the same people who could let themselves in for great let down. We could feel like we’re promised everything but receive nothing. Neptune is indefinable, like smoke, drifting though your fingers, nothing more than a dream. This is mirages on the horizon kind of stuff, chasing rainbows, losing ourselves in fantasy. There are so many dreams, so many sentences starting with ‘I wish…’.

The suggestion of this transit is that our beliefs (Jupiter) are tearing us apart. Neptune just wants unity. Pisces is where individuality falls away and we recognise that we all come from the same source. Jupiter in Sagittarius can get stuck on faith, preferring the teachings of the ‘good book’ than to trust a direct relationship with deity. Jupiter in Sagittarius prefers human laws, education, philosophy, intellectualising. It’s a visionary sign but taken to extremes it can slip into righteousness. In Sagittarius we speak with God through priest or pastor. In Pisces, God is everywhere, within and without. Deity is a direct experience, a feeling, synchronicity. We know God or Goddess through our dreams and in our hearts. In Pisces the rules dissolve. If we want to find peace with one another (Neptune in Pisces), then we need to change what we believe about one another (Jupiter in Sagittarius). 

The great promise of this hard to get hold of aspect could be accessed with the help of Saturn. Yes, Saturn is going to be the one we need to look to next year! It’s interesting because Saturn, Jupiter and Neptune are now all in their ruling signs, so all are at the peak of their game. Yet it’s Saturn who has the edge because his repeating sextile to Neptune means we have an anchor. Jupiter square Neptune threatens to wash us away unless we do the work that Saturn requires. The challenge of course is that Saturn represents all the boring stuff -  accountability, practicality, reality, schedules, structure, responsibility, caution, maturity. Jupiter’s booming voice tells us that if we only have faith, everything will come up smelling of roses. Saturn’s dry sense of humour is tickled by this because he knows that dreams come true when you work on them. It reminds me of how people often tell successful artists or writers or actors, wow, you’re so LUCKY, yet the ‘lucky’ person has been striving for years and years to fulfil their dreams.

Saturn sextile Neptune is an invitation to bring something beautiful into reality but it’s not going to happen without the work, no matter how much Jupiter promises. The Gods help those that help themselves could be the motto of the year. Of course, there will always be some who need help from others – victims of war or sickness for example. Let’s hope that the rise in charitability will see those people lifted from despair. For the rest of us, miracles can happen but only if we’re willing to do the work.

Jupiter square Neptune and Saturn sextile Neptune dates

13-Jan-19 Jupiter  square Neptune  14°Sg22' D 14°Pi22' D

31-Jan-19 Saturn  sextile Neptune  14°Cp54' D 14°Pi54' D

16-Jun-19 Jupiter  square Neptune  18°Sg43' R 18°Pi43' D

18-Jun-19 Saturn  sextile Neptune  18°Cp43' R 18°Pi43' D

21-Sep-19 Jupiter  square Neptune  16°Sg59' D 16°Pi59' R

09-Nov-19 Saturn  sextile Neptune  16°Cp01' D 16°Pi01' R

Painting - 'Between the waves' by Ivan Aivazovsky

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