"Jupiter Whispers" (#1 in the Jupiter series)

For this week's Fiction Friday, here's another of my published works: "Jupiter Whispers," from Visual Journeys: A Tribute to Space Art, published by Hadley Rille Books. It's the first in a series off first-contact stories set in orbit around the gas giant.

Such a cool anthology: The editor asked the authors  to "literate" space-art, rather than the traditional method of hiring artists to illustrate stories. I picked the fantastic illustration (above, with permission to use for promo purposes) from Ron Miller's Grand Tour: A Traveler's Guide to the Solar System, which blew me away in junior high and inspired me to use this setting and write the basic concept for this story (and more to come).

The story got honorable mention in The Year's Best Science Fiction 2007, also nice reviews from Richard Horton, TCM Reviews, Some Fantastic, and others.

Gosh, I wish this were still in print, but full-color art anthologies aren't a good way for publishers to make much profit.

However! These Jupiter stories (next is "Orpheus' Engines," which I'll share next week) will ultimately build into a novel, sort of using the old-school serial technique, only with longer time-gaps between pieces, and published in different venues. For the next one, I made a few alterations in the world, characters, and background, and will further diverge from there to the next story (which I hope to finish in the next year), so putting them together into a novel (and filling in the gaps between) will be a biggish project. And y'all will see it first!

I hope you enjoy.

Ad Astra,


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