Just Admit I'm Right with Ken and Rebecca 5/15/16 FREE PREVIEW
TONIGHT at 7:00 pm EST, the mighty Rebecca Watson and I will be recording another new episode of our loose and lively and delightfully wrongheaded conversational meeting of the minds, "Just Admit I'm Right".  We've been off for the past few weeks while Rebecca has been lobstering up and down the northeast, but now we are back with A VERY SPECIAL FREE PREVIEW.

Normally, access to our LIVE Google Hangout recording session, during which you can watch us goof about in real time and interact (Remember - Got a question? Ask us LIVE! Got a dare? Watch us squirm LIVE!) is exclusive to our $5+ patrons. BUT THIS WEEK, WE'RE GIVING EVERYONE A FREE PREVIEW.

That's right - by clicking the link below at 7pm EST, you'll be able to watch and interact with us WITH NO STRINGS ATTACHED. We hope you'll give us a look-see...





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There be whales, Kenketeers! (I'm just do not have a handle on this signoff thing...)