Just checking in
Hi everybody! I realize I've been doing a bad job keeping up with my Patreon commitments here. I haven't mailed out any postcards, for example! And I still need to put music up for free download. I've just been really preoccupied with things going on in my life. That's not really an excuse, I realize, but it is at least an explanation. I traveled overseas, I've had some major school projects, and I have a lot of other deadlines going on -- and PAX South coming up with my band, too.

Please be patient with me; now that I'm back in the US, I'm trying to catch up with everything I need to be doing, and I really hope that this weekend I'm able to make some good progress!

Do you like seeing my WIP tracks, for those of you who've been seeing them lately? I have some more tracks in progress but I haven't had much opportunity to post them. If you want to hear, I'll be happy to share those.

Please let me know -- the Patreon is set up to help me give you what you want, and it's helpful for me to know what it is that you do want!

Just letting you know I'm thinking of you~