Just do your best. <3 (08)
Hi friends!

How ya'll doing???

I haven't felt good in over a month and it's put a strain on my business and work. Any energy I've had has gone to book edits and TRYING to work on new products for Holiday time.

So far this month I've:

* Finished Chapter's 1-4 of my book (FINALS!!!!) (AHHHH!!!) (3 chapters LEFT!!!) Who wants to dance with me??

* Enamel Pins are coming soon!! AHHH!

Upcoming Projects

I'm trying my BEST to finish my coloring book, but holidays are creeping up and it's stressing me out. :(

Also, I should be getting the edits done for Chapter 5 and 6 of my book as long as my editors send my revisions to me before the holidays. Crossing fingers! We're at the home stretch (finally!) and I just can't wait to share more about the book with you.. (finally!! lol)

Fasinating Movies + Documenteries + TV + Music

* "The Good Place"  —  I saw a couple eps of while back and felt MEH about it, but I re-watched the first two eps again and HOLY MOLY I'm hooked. If you need a silly show that doesn't make you feel dumb afterwards, please watch this show! lol

* Two words... Andra Day. This song is MAGIC!

* Good Christian Fun - Podcast. Kevin from the Gilmore Guys started a new podcast and although I don't know about many of the things they talk about, it's so silly and enjoyable. :)  

Inspiring Links:

* I just can't get enough of this pep talk! 

* And this smile!  

* Clearly I'm obsessed with animals, but how cute!!

Now lastly....
Have you eaten anything fun lately?
I want to hear about it! lol Comment below to let me know.

Smiles + Hugs
-Jenipher :)