Just A Fantasy
Here is the next visual novel im creating and everything about it: Just A Fantasy is a Novel completely created by me. I wrote the story and am creating the art work, as well as coding the entire game. It's my main project since I don't do commisions at the moment, nor do I do request, until I get ahead of schedule. Which brings me to the next topic: Im planning on pre-releasing Just A Fantasy on december 20th the game will be free, although if you support me you will get it early as well as any updates before the real release in January 2017. I also might release a beta available to patrons for getting a feeling of the game :) there will also be an exclusive to patrons update feed that will be updated frequently about the status of the game and exculsive photos. In addition to the wallpaper in rewards for pledges. I hope to do many more ! Thank you for reading.