Researching British artist Mike Noble's fantastic work, I've become intrigued by some older British shows I'd never heard of, much less seen. To my delight (and amazement), my local library has a few of those series. I recently checked out all three seasons of "The Tomorrow People", an sci-fi adventure show from the 70's. The series had a few good characters and stories , even if the special effects were...well, painful. (Hey, it's from the 70's.) I much preferred Mike Noble's comic adaptations from "Look-In: the Junior TV Times". Even with the wacky plotlines, his layouts and inks made for much better visuals, and better villians, too. Check out the cool wolf-like alien! I'm now plunging into "Timeslip" -- also a British TV show from the 70's, and also illustrated by Mike Noble for "Look-In." It's taken a while to wade through the first story arc, but then, adventurous British schoolkids are still worthy companions for an afternoon in the studio.