Just a hearty THANK YOU!
I am back from tour and slowly unpacking. I am teaching a few lessons this week, working on the foster room, and putting my studio back together so I can record. I am starting to work on the Broadway covers EP and working with a proper pianist to get a few tracks on their feet. There are a million creative projects in the bank, and you make it possible for me to go forward and take the time to do them. 

Thank you very much from the bottom of my heart to each of you who supports my endeavors. I'm pretty sure I'd be immobilized from panic attacks and depression at this point if it wasn't for you. You keep me afloat while I'm in this transition to home ownership and moving and trying to take a step forward with my art. I mean all those steps have some cat in the way, but I'm glad I can do it nonetheless. 

Have a great week. I appreciate you so much.