Just In Case You're Interested - Online Epictetus Events This Week!
We have two online events coming up this week that may be of interest to some of the supporters of this project - both centered on the Stoic philosopher Epictetus and the "dichotomy of control" elaborated in his works.

One of these is a FREE 45-minute webinar - Tuesday, May 16, 12 PM Central Time.  Anyone who likes can attend - and we've built in a good 20 minutes for Q&A.

The other is a 2-hour online seminar.  We're offering this seminar twice on Saturday, May 20 - first at 10 AM Central Time, then at 4 PM Central Time.  Enrollment is limited to 12 seats for each of those sections, and costs $49. 

If you already know you want to enroll in the webinar or the seminar, you can go here - https://reasonio.typeform.com/to/rG0n7p

If you'd like to know more about the online seminars - this one, and the others we have coming up - https://reasonio.wordpress.com/online-seminars/online-seminar-epictetus-dichotomy-of-control/