Just in case of cart problems
Hello everyone, current and possible future patrons alike. I've heard from some other creators that sometimes there are difficulties in signing up on one's tablet and paying with Stripe. I'd like to let everyone know what to do if they experience this, based on my experiences elsewhere. One of the things I do when not writing or doing art is helping with testing and development on another site (a shirt site, actually) that uses the Stripe system. Whenever anything gets changed with Stripe or with that particular site I test for, I get poked and told something's been changed in the site backend and needs to be prodded before those patches get pushed live.

1. If you get an error or "checkout with cart failed" or similar then take a screenshot, however your individual tablet handles doing that.

2. Contact Patreon so they know you're having problems. In the contact send the screenshot. If you can't attach it then upload it somewhere and put the link to it in the email for them. Tell them exactly what you were trying to do, and what sort of tablet you are using, and what operating system it is on (iOS and type, android and lollipop or whatever, linux type, whatever you're using.

Patreon help page: https://patreon.zendesk.com/hc/en-us

The "send note" link is right above the tweets. Patreon help crew is very helpful in my experience.

3. Contact Stripe in the off chance that the problem is on their end and not Patreon's site. You will need to tell them the same things that you should be telling Patreon in step two.

Stripe support: https://support.stripe.com/

Now that you have let web development know on both sides what the details of your problem are, whichever end the problem is on should be getting ticketed and checked into by their teams. Use similar steps if you have such failures on other sites too, just making sure to contact the appropriate people. Sometimes it's a simple thing, sometimes it's something that requires a bit more time. Letting a site's development team know something is going on that it odd is very helpful to them, as there are times they won't know something has decided to go "nope, not today. Stars..."