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Just in time for Halloween...
Hello my faithful patrons,

Just want to first say thank you that you're still here! It really means so much to me that you're supporting my artistic endeavors.  

So here's a little video from a show last year.  We played at this little space in this small town in Germany. We decided to do a Halloween show, and the venue went along with it putting up cobwebs and fun "scary" decorations.  It was quite an eventful show, but the venue was not as packed as it normally was... maybe Germans are still not ready for Halloween and I think we might have scared away the small town folk.  Either way, we had a GREAT time, and covered for the first time this song that I love by Screamin' Jay Hawkins.  Hope you enjoy it, and feel free to pass it along!  

thank you again SO much!  


P.S.- please let me know if you have an requests- songs I should record, videos you'd like to see, etc.