Just a joke about invite to Pak envoy turned two Indians against me
All I had said was if the Afghans came to know that Indian national Soumya Sundar Chowdhury, a Hindu from West Bengal, was allegedly offering drinks to a Muslim girl Habiba Ashna and also that he was allegedly having sex with her, they would come banging on his door.

Moreover, such fraternizing in a non-profit is not healthy though I am a liberal and have absolutely no issues when two adults engage in a drinking or consensual relationships.

And since  Mr Krishna Kant Sharma Gudipati, an Indian national, was defending Mr Chowdhury’s conduct, I pointed out they might as well come knock his condo doors at Captain Walks Ct., Potomac.

I said this as being a president and elder I was just advising them to avoid drinking with Habiba Ashna and calling her on his place, because their family will mind it since Afghans families don’t like this mixing. 

But this was much late after they put me under huge amount of mental trauma and defamed me by calling me an agent of the Inter Services Intelligence of Pakistan. 

Gudipati was making a dangerous and wild accusation against me just because I criticized the misadventure of Indian intelligence services of using Balochistan as quid pro quid against Pakistan policies in Kashmir.

Gudipati who was working for me in my organization that I launched 12 years ago called the American Friends of Balochistan had without my knowledge met with representatives of a militant organization called the Balochistan Liberation Front (BLF) that acts as judge, jury and executioner and has killed countless civilians from different nationalities, including Baloch men and women.

Gudipati’s friend Mr. Chowdhury wrote abuse against the wife of Captain (rtd) Dipesh Chatterjee, a Bronze Star winning captain of the US army, and also put his heroic actions on the battlefields of Afghanistan in question saying he was only “on guard duty” in violation of the Stolen Valor Act.

Gudipati’s associate Soumya Sundar Chowdhury had abused me by calling me “Fag,” knowing very well I am openly gay guy from Balochistan, France-sized southwestern province of Pakistan. In stead of reprimanding Chowdhury, Gudipati testified for him in another frivolous peace order against me raing the bogey that I had threatened to send Afghans to his house. 

Gudipati at different times accused me without any factual basis of sexual harassment of his associate Habiba Ashna, but backtracked when I asked how could a gay person possibly harass a woman.

Gudipati associate Soumya Sundar Chowdhury had wrongly tried to accuse me of sexual harassment in this very court but went back on his written words in court, saying that he wrote what he wrote while being mentally distraught.

Gudipati tried to snatch my 1st Amendment Rights by asking me to censor my writing on militant violence and terrorism in Balochistan.

Gudipati was in particular angry after I wrote an article on a Hindu extremist Shambu Lal Raigar, who is deified by Hindu extremists. Raigar had hacked to death an innocent Bengali Muslim Afrajul on December 6, burned his body and made a video. The brutal slaying occurred on the 25th anniversary of the Hindu radicals retaking the Babri Mosque at Ayodhya, a temple which which the Muslims had taken from Hindus and built a mosque on the site. 

Gudipati and associates twice kicked me out of two different WhatsApp groups related to my ethnic group though I am considered an elder.  

Gudipati illegally tried to convey an impression that I am no longer an executive of the American Friends of Balochistan, an organization that I had launched 12 years ago and posted false new item on the web site about my resignation from the executive committee. Gudipati’s associates called members of my organization to question my leadership abilities.

Gudipati, despite repeated requests and despite resolutions passed by the executive committee of the American Friends of Balochistan did not return the protocols of the web site of my organization American Friends of Balochistan. He then defaced and took down the web site.

Gudipati has not returned to me the code to enable me to tweet from my twitter account that I launched to create awareness about human rights situation in Balochistan and had shared with him for logistical reasons.

Gudipati turned against me when I and another colleague told him we will like to invite Pakistan ambassador Aizaz Chaudhry to an event on minority women rights that the American Friends of Balochistan was organizing to tell his side of the story on burning issues within Pakistan. It is intriguing that while India itself has diplomatic relations with Pakistan, some Indians like Gudipati do not want the Baloch to talk to Pakistan although it is my sincere belief that every issue in the world is finally solved through table talks.

It is pertinent to note that according to Montgomery County police reports Gudipati had assaulted his wife Swapna Maddali on July 31 last year, was arrested, fined and is presently on probation.