Just Korra Drawings
Earlier this month, I shared a piece of Legend of Korra fan art. Well, I really enjoyed drawing it, so it sparked me to make more. In fact, I started a whole new blog.

Here: http://justkorradrawings.tumblr.com

I haven't really mentioned this anywhere else yet. I've been enjoying doing it purely for fun without worrying about promoting or spamming my social networks. But I thought I'd share it with you patrons in case any of you are Korra freaks like me.

I've also been using this as an opportunity to learn more about Tumblr. It's been a little intimidating getting used to it, but I've been having lots of fun. Any of you on there? Have any tips? My main Tumblr is http://danidraws.tumblr.com if you want to say hi.