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Just A Little Nibble, It's Fine (Ch 1)
a/n:First chapter of a baked alaska comm, starring Yang the friendly vampire, and Neo the confused gay! Enjoy!

Even in a city as large as Sanctum, Neo mused,it was rare to find a good gay bar that hadn't been taken over by straight people.

It was even rarer to find someone in one of those bars that could understand sign.

Practically impossible to find someone that hit her standards while also having a thing for girls who couldn't hit five feet tall in six inch heels.

'So.' She thought as she watched the gorgeous blonde pay for their drinks, muscles visibly moving under her skin as she grabbed them and thanked the barkeep, 'I wonder how she'd feel about me grabbing a lottery ticket on the way home?'


The rest of the night is a hazy mix of half-remembered images and spikes of lust.


"-so I crushed his balls." Yang says, chuckling. "He knew not to try anything with me after that."

She sits back in her set, and the light glints off her teeth, and it's all Neo's liquor-addled brain can do to keep from gasping aloud.

Her canines were long, curved, and wickedly sharp, and Neo wanted nothing more than for her to pin her to the table and give her a few dozen love bites.

Yang grins, and Neo is suddenly aware that she's been staring.

"Somethin wrong?" Yang asks, that grin just widening, and Neo shakes her head.

'I'm perfectly fine.' She signs, licking her lips, and Yang laughs.


Neo's signing has gotten a bit erratic at this point, the alcohol in her system making her feel light and warm,and with one particularly wild sign, her elbow knocks her drink off the table.

She's midway through a mental curse when Yang blurs, and then she's handing her the drink back, chuckling under her breath. "Lucky catch, huh?"

Neo just bites her lip, pointedly ignoring the building heat below her stomach.


Neo raises an eyebrow at Yang as she straightens her hair without the aid of a mirror, and Yang sticks her tongue out in response.

Still, she does the task with clearly practiced ease.

Neo's a bit amused, but a lot impressed, if she's being honest... and even moreso when Yang fixes her with a toothy grin, those sharp canines on display again.

"So... we goin' to your place?"

Neo, to her credit, doesn't choke. 'If you'd like. Did you drive?'

Yang grins.


'Why am I not surprised that she rides a motorcycle?' A part of her asks. The others promptly fill her mind with visions of Yang riding her... visions that seemed all too prophetic, judging by how Yang pushed back against her when she climbed onto the bike.

"Hold on!" Yang yells with a laugh, firing the engine up and immediately taking off.

Neo is suddenly very glad yelling is an impossibility for her.


Her hands are shaking as she fits the key in the lock, Yang's eagerness making itself clear as she grinds against her rear... but, eventually, she pops the door open, and Yang's hands find her shoulders.

She's confused for a moment, and then...

Yang hardly makes a sound as she lifts her, turning her around in midair once she's at eye level and leaning close enough to brush their lips together with every word.

"Aren't you going to invite me in?" She asks, grinning, and Neo is too frazzled to think twice about it, just bringing shaky hands up to sign.

'Of course I will. Won't you please come in?' She grins back, though it has none of Yang's confidence... not that it stops Yang from pressing a quick kiss to her nose before striding in.

She has a moment to wonder if she should have cleaned, and then Yang tosses her onto the bed and starts shucking clothing, and she is suddenly too busy to think.


Yang shudders and smiles from atop her, and she can't help but smile in return, arching her back a bit.


Her mouth is busy, and she's having a wonderful time signing up at Yang, telling her exactly how she tastes, how much fun she's having, how glad she is to be here...

Yang shudders, closing her eyes slightly, and she grins.


Yang is back on top, everything building up to it's end... and then the light catches her teeth again, and Neo's hands clench on her blankets....

And Yang blurs again, and there's a burn unlike anything she's ever felt before in her neck.

She writhes in a mix of pain and pleasure, a silent scream issuing from her lips, but Yang seems to pay her no mind, the burn intensifying...

And then she jerks back, spitting and gagging.

"Ugh, ew, fuck! Ugh, this is disgusting! Why is it so thin?"

Neo's hand flies to her neck, feeling the fresh punctures there, and she blinks as blood wells up under her fingertips.

'You... bit me???' She signs, her mind still clouded by alcohol and disbelief. 

"Yeah, I did, and you tasted horrible. What do you even eat?"

Yang shakes her head at her and hops off the bed, blurring a bit, and then she's at the kitchen area, going through the cabinets, and Neo just blinks.

"Ugh, all you have is ramen? What are you, a college student? The way you were buying drinks..." Yang shakes her head. "Come on, up, out of bed. You're going to want to wash that with some warm saltwater, it'll keep the pain from coming back."

Neo just blinks. ' diet? What?'

Yang scoffs. "Look, doing a public service every couple centuries is how i stay sane. C'mon, we're going to go get you some groceries before daybreak, I don't want to be sick all morning because of a little sunlight."

Neo just shakes her head... and stands, her still foggy brain deciding it'd be easier to comply than argue.

'You bit me.' She signs, a tad petulantly, and Yang laughs.

"Join the club, mortal. Get some clothes on and let's go!" 

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