Just a little sneak peek
I wish I could share enough of my book to make you really interested in it, but I still haven't finished the first draft. Although it is coming along! I am very excited! Anyway, here is your sneak peek:

       A thud sounds behind me, making me instantly pivot. A hand, now two pulling up the body of my would-be killer. I aim between the hands and wait for the head to pop up, squeezing off a round as soon as it does. "No time to wait around," I mutter.

  Spinning around to face Main Street again, I look for a way out. Of course, the cars! If I'm fast enough, I can leap from car to car to reach the other side. I crouch on the edge, preparing to spring, my hands gripping my rifle so tight my fingers are as white as the guaze in my pack. I jump, landing perfectly on the hood of the Avalanche, slightly bending my knees to absorb the shock of the fall. All at once, as if choreographed by some demonic dance instructor, the undead turn to look at me. Hollow eye sockets peer at me while gaping mouths with rotting teeth release cringe-inducing sounds and they start towards me. I poise and leap to the next car, an old Cadillac with a low top. I see hands reaching for me, threatening to tear me out of the air. I land, already preparing for the next jump when suddenly there's a blindingly bright light!

"Haley, its time to get ready for school!" My door opens and a head pokes in.

  "Mom! I've almost beat the high score!"  A scream emanates from the television and I look, seeing my character get devoured by the undead. "Crap," I sigh.

"Well, since you've lost, now you can get ready," Mom says, beaming at me as she takes her leave.

I hope you enjoyed!