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Just one petal
Can anyone tell me how it's already mid-May?! Oh my gosh has this month just slipped by or WHAT! I have a calendar of stuff I check in on - and even that attempt to be organized has slid, so I haven't even visited with you guys lately!'s video is another watercolor flower piece but not quite like my usual - watch and you'll see why :) My inner artist and my outer crafter seem to keep wrestling with each other, and I wish I knew where I was headed on this crazy creative journey. I guess as long as it's creative, I'm good with whatever comes, though...if God had told me what the plan was, that would give me the option to say No. So I think that's why I'm in the dark. Is it just me? Ha! Anyway...thanks again for your awesome support, everyone. This weekend I'm going to MAKE myself take some time off the work-type stuff...and send out some rewards to some of you guys! I have a big stack of cards crying out to go postal. Love you all!
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