Inspector Nicodemus Usher & Liason Officer Tyzan ['Farlost: The Rundown']

I'm like most writers: I hate talking about myself, so writing bio's for guest blogs pieces and the backs of books is a pain. I like this line I came up with, though: 

"I write character-based stories that also happen to have aliens, monsters or alternate somethings in it. Most important for me, though, is grounding elements of the fantastic inside ‘real’ characters you can love–or love to hate."

That couldn't be more true for my current story, 'The Rundown'.

Most of the comments I get from readers, listeners and patrons talk about which characters they love, or which interactions they're waiting for, rather than about  explosions, alien/culture creation or action scenes. Don't get me wrong, I love explodey action, too, but I'm glad my characters get people talking.

My initial inspiration for 'The Rundown' was  the buddy-cop action flick genre, where two very different heroes have to figure out how to get along before they can take down the bad guys. 

Of course, Nic and Donal are only part of what the story has become. My stories are 'baked' in layers, and I follow the physics of the plot and world I've set in motion, which usually results in a richer and very different  final product that's where I started from.

The heart of the stories always remain with my people: how they hurt, how they change and how they survive as world changes around them. That being said? Let me assure you, there's some explodey action coming soon, for Nicodemus and Donal!

'The Rundown' has become about a lot more than these two cops. Farlost is an interesting place, and even for me, the writer... it just keeps getting weirder! 

I hope you're enjoying the ride. Only six more episodes to go!