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Just put up a new video art piece on Vimeo
In this video project :  I told a group of people to: Send me images of spaces of nature that have a special value for you ...
I told another group to: Tell me moments when you felt very connected with nature.
The two groups are summarized in this video. Those who sent audios recorded them in a simple way on their cell phone and sent it by mail or by whatsapp, recording their own voice. The images were delivered at different times, some are my own. In the video I pair these two groups.
This project is the beginning of a search for connection between people and the planet as habitat and through these connections find that we are all one humanity connected intimately with our place of origin that is not limited to a country or border, but to Our origin is this vast land.   

This video is in Spanish but I will continue this project is several languages.

If you would like to add an xperience to  a new version of this project. Please send me your audio or images  to: [email protected]

Thank you for your support!