Just a quick update!
Hey guys! I know you haven't seen much from me this month.  Things have been crazy.  I'm finishing up the last of the sketches that were claimed in June, at which point I'll be moving on working through the vouchers that have been redeemed, along with the icons for August.  Thank you for continuing to support me - I know I've been pretty quiet lately, but I'm hoping, paws crossed, that things will start to go back to normal a bit in the coming months.

Things may still be slow for a little bit - I still have a lot of repair-related expenses I have to take care of related to my car accident last month (though thankfully the legal aspects of it have been settled), and I have two conventions coming up in the next few weeks (Megaplex and FurAffinity United - if any of you guys are going to be at either of those conventions, let me know! I'd love to meet you in person!), but after that, I'm planning to just buckle down and get myself completely caught up.

Just a reminder: I'm not going to chase after you guys to claim your sketches.  I've switched over to a voucher system that is sent to you through e-mail.  So far, the response has been positive.  There's no monthly deadline on turning those vouchers in, by the way; I'm planning for it to become a rolling thing where I just do them as I get them.  The only stipulation is that you have to redeem them before the expiration date.  If any of you didn't get one for July in your e-mail, please let me know!

That's all I can think of for now.  Just wanted to let you guys know that I'm not dead, I'm still in the process of getting caught up, and I'll be back on top of things soon, I hope.  Thank you so much for continuing to support me! :)