Just a quick note
Although this page is now live, I won't be going live again just yet. I'm currently waiting on a delivery of a i7 4790K (so much powah!) and a GTX 1070 (even more powah!!!) so until those turn up and I can get the rig up and running, things will be on hold.

Naturally, if you're mad enough to support me now anyway, then I can't exactly complain but I'm giving you fair warning! 

You'll see posts on here, my website and social media when everything is starting up again!

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Join the Brit Nation!

Greatings fellow gamers! So this is the base level of support for me and for this you have my thanks, as well as actually getting stuff!

I'll be using Patreon to interact directly with all you crazy folks, take suggestions, answer queries, and be as interactive as possible! This is your direct route to be a part of the content I create!

Main Perks

  • By backing this tier, you'll be entered into exclusive giveaways

  • Name in the credits at the end of my streams/videos
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Live monthly hangout!

That's right, it's time for you to show your gaming brain and come hang out as we talk all things gaming! We can talk about the games I've been playing on stream, we can talk about some of the games coming out, general gaming news... you name it!

plus previous rewards
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Name the game

Forget the schedule, you get to pick a game for a video! Have a cool game that you're playing for PC which you think I'd like or better yet suck at playing? This is how you take control!

Although I haven't placed a limit on this, do keep in mind that there's currently a limit on the number of videos a week, so the more of you who go for this, the potentially longer wait on having your pick on the channel! I am but one person after all!!!

Smeg Ups

The outtakes. You'll be surprised to hear that when I'm recording a video or the podcast I mess up, a lot. This reward gives you access to all of that in a monthly/weekly video (depends how bad the week is going!) which you can then use as ammunition against me. 

Deleted stuff. Occasionally, I'll be creating a video and decide to take a chunk of it out or I might just not decide to publish it at all. This gives you access to this horribly sub-standard content as (more likely when) it releases.

plus previous rewards
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Unlike the credits, this is where I give you control over what I present there when referring to you. I can just put your face or icon there or I can do other things like link to your twitter, youtube or twitch channel as a loyal supporter. It's up to you what I put there!

plus previous rewards
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One on One

We are moving a bit into big money territory here, so these take on a bit of a different style. The one on one is where just me and you sit down and talk for up to an hour, just like what I do with the podcast. Afterwards it can be put up as an episode or it can be just yours to keep. It's up to you.
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