Just received my Vitamin B supplements



I usually purchase my Vitamin B Complex from Simply

Supplements however I thought I’d try out a different company.

I’ve shopped at Bulk Powders before and I have always liked

their simple yet effective packaging.

  • You know exactly what you’re getting
  • Made from soft plastic with a zip seal
  • Easier to store
  • Easier to open
  • Easier to seal
  • Ingredients are on the front
  • Easier to read as the packaging is flat plus it

    fits through the letter box so no more “you missed a parcel” from the postman.

    Which means I can receive them when I am out.

The tablet is quite a lot bigger than that which I’m used to

however it contains higher concentrations of Vitamin B Complex.

I have just taken my first tablet and it was easy to swallow,

didn’t get stuck or have an awful taste like some tablets do.

So far it’s working very well. I’ve had the same if not

better results from Bulk Powders and will continue to purchase my Vitamin B

Complex from them.

I don't think I will use this product every single day as it's strength is too high for every day. I'm more likely to use this when I am not strict with my food consumption. A day when I may not receive enough B Vitamins from food. If my diet is well balanced I won't use it but it's a great go to when things get less than perfect.

I think I may use both Simply Supplements for their weaker strength ones for when I'm mixing it in with my shakes and use the Bulk Powder high strength ones when my eating isn't quite perfect.

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