Just a regular update.
What was your New Year's resolution? Mine was to have a certain script finished by March. I did finish a script already. It wasn't the same script I was planning, but I finished one so I count that good enough.

The new piece is an anti-slavery piece. If you didn't know or remember, sometimes I do awareness things for the End It! movement. I've been on the fringe of helping them since my days working on Akashik. This new piece I think will be great for helping along.

But I can't decide if I want it to be a cartoon or just a one shot comic. I invite you to give me your opinion of course.

The bulk of any animations I do usually are for the Mohegan language project I'm in charge of. (I'm attaching something I made for it today for shits and giggles.) I don't attach the language project to this patreon because it doesn't feel right, but I'll still post things from it here on occasion.

Anyway. Animation or comic? I'm actually leaning towards comic, but only because I'm not very good at animation yet. Either way I'm saving up to get a better video card. With recent program updates and the like my computer can't handle things and needs an upgrade.I'm almost there! This account here is helping. Boy is it helping. Thank you.....

The second half of my resolution is to have it finished by summer!