Just Say Uncle
I think we could all stand to make this kind of resolution...a resolution that's positive and will lead to a few moments of happiness. Last New Year's, I resolved to buckle down and take free online guitar lessons on YouTube. Although there were periods of days and weeks that I struggled to find the time, I never stopped trying.

The result? I learned more in one year of lessons than I have in twenty years of being lazy about it. I'm really proud of the things I've learned, and I look forward to using them when I record my next batch of original songs.  I plan to keep that going through 2018 and beyond.

Also on the list this year is attacking my weight. I'm not looking to get down to my high school weight or anything ridiculous like that, just looking to not get winded by a flight of stairs. I've been carrying far too much weight for far too long, and it's time to take care of it. I'm 50 now, and have developed arthritis and tendinitis. I just need to feel better than I do right now, you know?

At any rate, best of luck to those of you making resolutions. Check in once in awhile and let me know how it's going.