"Just a Small Change" New story! :D
Amaya sees a dead puppy by the road, and that sparks a small change that affects her life forever.

"Just a Small Change" is a risky story to tell. It features death, empathy and  afterlife (in which I hope is a not denominational way). I hope  you can take it for what it is: a tale about small miracles and kindness. 

 If you are upset about this story, please let me know.

Its also risky from the illustrations' point of view! I am not sure kids will like this style.  I think I will try something totally different for the next one!

I promise next story will not talk about anything strange! I will probably keep experimenting, but I will save the "experiments" for the free stuff  :D

I will be emailing patrons their teir rewards as soon as  this post is published.

Spanish version and  files coming up tomorrow!

I would love to hear your feedback.

Images from the illustrated version: