About a week ago I had this weird dream and it gave me inspiration for a new book. I'm going to give you guys a taste of it so those who haven't read anything I've written can get a general idea of what I can do: 

I felt my breath hitch in my throat as I leaned on the cold stone wall out of sight of the Elven king's soldiers. As the soldiers moved further and further from view I felt a sense of relief before my eyes darted to the hunter who had traveled with me thus far. "You lied to me" I hissed coldly causing the man to jump back his hands up in defense of my comment as if I planned to spew venom on him at any moment. The battle worn hunter afraid of a girl from a small farmer village? How laughable! Soon he recomposed himself his lackluster dark eyes staring out into the streets as the confused masses questioned what had just taken place in the castle. 

"I heard the legends said that the elves partook of dragons flesh but I swear to you I did not know the legends were true." He lowered his eyes, "I never would have -" 

"I don't want to hear a word." I snapped venomously. As I tried to compose myself around the hunter I heard a soft coo from the satchel on my back. Soon the small baby wyvern crawled itself upon my shoulder murring lightly. I rested my hand upon its small head the wyvern responding by nuzzling into it. "The dragon is safer with me" I whispered coldly, "After all it's clear he is not the first dragon born in over one hundred years, and clearly the elves did not seek to protect dragon kind from extinction."