Just to clarify...
Just to clarify, you will be charged on the first of the month (no one has actually been charged yet), which means that I will be RECEIVING your contributions on the 5th.  After that point, I will begin rewarding you for helping me with my show, starting with what movie shall I review at the end of September (the voting of which is available only to patrons with $25-pledges or higher.)

Speaking of voting, here are our candidates for September! 

1. Felidae


(I couldn't find an English trailer.  Sorry.)

2. The Missing Lynx



3. The Phoenix and the Carpet


4. Cool Cat Saves The Kids


Remember!  Everyone will see this review.  The patron-only review will be a SURPRISE review of my own choosing.  There is still plenty of time for you pledge enough to gain the ability to vote, among OTHER great rewards! ;)

Also, ANY donation is welcome.  Even $1 will be enough to grant you access to the patron-exclusive review. :)