Just wanted to say thank you
Patronage has nearly tripled in the last month - which is amazing. With that money, I bought Adobe Premiere Pro. For most of my YouTube-ing I used a free version (yes, a free version) of Lightworks. Given I have a Windows laptop, the only industry-quality program I could rely on (that had tutorials online to teach me because... editing is not my strong point) was Adobe. So I just bought it! I tried Lightworks Pro for a month, but it didn't have what I needed.

That's the good news. Hopefully my videos will be higher quality from now on! All thanks to you. 

On the downside - as mentioned, editing isn't my strong point, so I'm still puzzling my way through how to use it. So far, I love it. So far, it's complicated. So far, it's stressful. And so far, I haven't got a video for tomorrow. 

A whole lot of commitments just piled on top of me this week, meaning I will only be able to make one video, sadly. I tried! Hope you'll forgive me as I puzzle this out.

Once again, thank you for your support :)

~ Tim