Just who is this guy anyway?
Hello Everyone out there.

So when I introduced myself to you, I mentioned I am a self published author who is doing this in order to create  a fuller creative work for you the reader.

Above is a link to my Amazon page, where you can the things I have self published. When it comes to  fiction so far I have published three novels and a horror novella.  When I started writing initially I was working on different things before deciding that scifi/horror general weirdness is more my scene.

The novels I have available are the following:

The Savior-  -Available on kindle and paperback

Time Trigger Available on kindle and paperback

The Rise of the Network- Available on kindle and paperback

Adventures in Time: Which collects Time Trigger and The Rise of the Network into one ebook. So this one is only available on kindle.

The Darkness- Is my Horror Novella and it is exclusively available on kindle.

So yeah, I am a self publishing author who has only been at this game for a little over a year and hopefully I will be able to keep on pursuing my passion and doing what I love. Furthermore I hope you guys and gals will like it!

Cheers and Happy Friday.