Justice For Palestine, ExxonMobil Busted, #BerntheDNC
Episode breakdown:

Segment 1: Top Stories of the week

Benjamin Netanyahu Blames a Palestinian For The Holocaust

- Secret Political Prisons in the United States

- ExxonMobil’s Climate Change Lies

Segment 2 [ 10:24 ] : Time To Support the BDS Movement

“Whether the current phase of Israel’s intensified repression and

Palestinian popular resistance will evolve into a full-fledged intifada

or not, one thing is already evident—a new generation of Palestinians is

marching on the footsteps of previous generations, rising up en masse

against Israel’s brutal, decades-old regime of occupation, settler

colonialism and apartheid.” – From the BDS Statement: Solidarity with the Palestinian popular resistance! Boycott Israel now!


Segment 3 [ 20:58 ]: How Bernie Can Win the Presidency: #BerntheDNC (an interview with David DeGraw)

David DeGraw, the organizer behind Tip.Vote, has some unusual advice for Bernie Sanders.

About the guest:

“The most famous phrases of 2011 were the ‘99%’ and the ‘1%.’ Media

analysts report that after the creation of those phrases and their wide

adoption by Occupy Wall Street, the media and many politicians,

discussions of income inequality in America rose dramatically. David

DeGraw’s coinage of these terms rendered an invaluable service to

America, even the world, by making visible the sharp divide in the

fortunes of citizens in much of the world. He ranks in the top ten on

the list of people the plutocrats hate. His insights into how the 99%

can take back America and other nations from the financial elites, who

all too often became wealthy through the massive fraud that drove the

Great Recession, are vital.” —

William K. Black

, white-collar criminologist, former financial regulator and author of “The Best Way to Rob a Bank is to Own One”