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The Justin Hall Show: September 2015
The last premarital episode of the Justin Hall Show!

Feast your mind on this moving picture chronicle of September 2015 adventures, including a wedding officiated in a dust storm, taking Mom to Burning Man, visiting XOXO Festival in Portland, being interviewed by a Kiwi and kissed by Suck and debuting the Metaphysical Plot Device within the Pataphysical Slot Machine.  Amidst preparing to get married next month!

This is the first episode of the Justin Hall Show since the mid-August release of overshare: the story with working sound. In this video, and this post, I'll share some statistics and earnings from the film after six weeks live:

  • YouTube: 5,270 views
  • Facebook: 4,096 over 3 seconds; 1,220 over 30 seconds
  • Vimeo: 66 views
  • Dailymotion: 60 views
  • 36 units sold for $437

Thanks to Jason Scott, I was able to get a Torrent up and running for as well via the Internet Archive.  So if you haven't watched it, well, it's out there.  And someone responded asking if I could come up with a regular podcast pitch. I love the moving pictures but maybe audio would be faster than video. Either way, I look forward to potentially working with other people in my media making!

Please enjoy this latest Justin Hall Show episode!  Thank you for your support.

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