Justinian Class, Special Tasks Cruiser
Shown with a Peisistratus Class Destroyer and Ovidius Class Cruiser in profile at left for scale comparison. UEG Navy Justinian Class Cruiser Length: 3,000 meters (~1.86 miles) Crew: 2,500 Standard / 75 Skeleton(severely reduced performance, no repair crews, no marines, automated gunnery stations only) / 3,500 Max Occupancy Primary Directed Shield Emitter Secondary Shielded Hull Stealth Field Generator(contains all known emissions) Advanced Sensor Array Medical Bay Basic Research Lab Ambassadorial Suite and Conference Room The Justinian was originally commissioned to serve as an ambassadorial vessel to sufficiently advanced civilizations. It was precisely for that reason that she was armed to the teeth with weapons that are rarely seen on a ship its size. Forgoing normal batteries of anti-ship ordinance, the Justinian carries 5 Titan Slayers in its M.A.V. hangar for dealing with smaller ships and 4 battleship-class cannons that can detach to attack from multiple directions. These cannons, coupled with the stealthy nature of the ship, allow for the Justinian to strike while remaining undetected to most kinds of sensors. Not wanting to be vulnerable to similar tactics, the sensor array on the Justinian was also upgraded far beyond standard levels. While prohibitively expensive, the Justinian was considered an absolute necessity for negotiations on behalf of the Earth Union, particularly with alien races capable of space travel. Her schedule became backlogged during the Second Era of Expansion to the point that a dozen more were built. Each is commanded by a designated emissary of the Princeps and is allowed to speak as a representative of the Earth. One such ambassador accepted the induction of the Aiolians into the Earth Union, a species that many considered too technologically primitive in most regards. The Aiolia System however happened to be situated near both Nomos and several Saurian systems. The Aiolians themselves lived on a world with a significant amount of ocean coverage and extremely turbulent storms, limiting their capacity for orbital launches. They did learn from their simplistic, yet ambitious probes and satellite receivers that they lived near these two advanced civilizations that were hostile to others in their area. They learned this because Aiolians have a natural talent for languages and mathematical patterns, being able to decipher the last transmissions of a world that was conquered by the Saurians only a few decades after picking them up. As Humans spread to the region, they knew that this new rising power was their best chance to survive. After explorers and traders brought them to the attention of the Unity Government, the UES Justinian was dispatched. The ambassador was reluctant to offer them protection, computer translators were perfectly capable of doing much the same as their specialty and faster, but the Aiolians offered what data they had collected and more importantly, their undying loyalty to the Earth. The Aiolians have since become valuable third-class citizens and spread to many worlds in the Union, finding careers as programmers and technicians but also proving useful working in concert with translation software to allow for smoother communications between Humans and the various other species within Union-claimed sectors. The Earth Government considers this a valuable service because complex A.I.'s were outlawed centuries earlier. This has made them welcome in human settlements but pariahs to aliens outside the Union, who see them as servants and little more. To the Aiolians, Humans are their friends and protectors from a distant world they will never see. Friends who arrived in a ship larger than any they had encountered yet did not show up on their screens as even being there. The Aiolia System would receive a Castrum Gateway Station and a massive sensor relay capable of detecting hostile vessels almost a sector away. The Justinian itself had only spent a few hours in orbit and yet changed the destiny of their entire civilization. Armaments: 4x Detachable, Multi-Vector Battleship-Class Unstable Magneton Beam Cannons 40x Point Defense Anti-Fighter/Missile Lasers 1x M.A.V. Bay(capacity 5) 1x Shuttle Bay(capacity 2)