Jyggy Report 9/28/16 - TWITCHCON AND MORE!
Hello friends

hope your week is going well, Mine has been stupid and annoying but if you follow me on twitter you know the reason, if not I will fill you in quick,

My ssd Died and I lost my entire C drive so my PC is unusable right now. That's why there as been no streams, it was a very sudden thing, I was setting up for the Pokethon Revival stream and Windows just froze and died. Im working with PNY ( SSD company ) to get a new ssd and I should be Back UP and running when I get back monday. 


Speaking of Pokethon! POKETHON ECLIPSE was announced!  IM SO EXCITED YOU ALL FINALLY KNOW! We have been working on this for over 2 months now and we are super hyped for the marathon. More secrets will be Revealed here FIRST! so stay tuned!  


 is this weekend I hope you all Tune into to our Panel this FRIDAY at 2pm et I would LOVE to see some JYGNATION representation in chat! I will be Working with a few people there and making Not ONE not TWO but THREE videos there! so GET HYPED! 


I know you guys are all wondering what the PLAN is and I can say the schedule should not change! I am HYPED to say that im working with thee @ThunderScottVGM on a Special song for the intro of the stream! As for Pikmin3 IM looking to finish that game as soon as I possibly can! im thinking that Tue, wed and Thursday when I get back, then start Jygtober Friday the 7th

OK well I hope you all have a Good end of the week! Stay tuned on Twitter for all of the CRAZY TwitchCon adventures! I have a flight Tomorrow . Hope to see you all in Chat and THANK you once again for the Support! 

- Mike (aka jyggy )  

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