K/DA Widowmaker (18+) ♥

I thought it would be nice to continue this art series. I have long chosen between two girls, to draw in Evelynn's clothes,  but still chose Widowmaker. I so enjoyed painting her! Hope u like! ~♥

Content February 2019 | Term 86 comes with 

  • Underwear + Extras versions 
  • Steps sequence JPG 
  • High Res JPGs  [ SFW/NSFW ] 
  • PSD  [ SFW ]
  • Full HD Video process 3,5h [ SFW/NSFW ]
  • 4K wallpapers  [ SFW/NSFW ]

of this piece. Check my profile for reward list!

Sign up from February 16-28 to get it. If you pledge after you will not receive this reward, and you will not be charged either. This rewards will be sent out between 6-10th of the next month.

Thanks for your support ~♥

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