The K.E.Y. to Health with Energy Medicine

Welcome to the beginning of a great conversation on what are the KEY tools you can put in your wellness toolbox, and how you can be the advocate for you energy, vitality and passion for life.  The tools that you will experience with this program will be simple, effective, and easy to share.  The inspiration for you to take these tools into your daily activities, career, family, and relationships will have you thinking in new ways and creating new patterns for possibility.  

How do you begin?  Today's task...begin a notebook or journal of discovery.  This is a place where you can record your ideas, observations, insights, realizations, goals and more.  This might be a video blog that you create for a similar time each day or week, it might be a notebook with sections, or a general blank journal.  You might decide to record thoughts, lists, pictures, techniques, observations, insights from others.  The idea is to begin.  It will morph as you go along.

Your first task?  To assess at what point in the day do you put yourself first?  Do you start off your day with energy building activities?  Do you meditate, walk, jog, stretch, goal set, prepare food, nourish your mind with inspirational music or verse?  Note where in the day is the time you take for yourself and for how long.  It is not something that needs to be judged or assessed.  It is only observation.  From this observation we will begin to assess other aspects of noticing as we go along.  For now, just record.

Please take the next week to bring these ideas into focus, and stay tuned for the first video to be launched in a few days with more exciting information.  The best way to enjoy these tasks and opportunities is to share it with someone.  Please invite someone to take this voyage with you, and join a group together where you can share what you are learning and talk the same experiences together.  

I am attaching the Feet First System Foot Rub so you can begin with one technique.  Try it out and add it in to your day where you feel it fits best.  Record what you notice about adding it in.  

See you in a few days...and please join as a patron to gain access to all the programming, you won't want to miss any of the videos and podcasts that will be available to patrons.