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You'll be on the exclusive Patreon newsletter mailing list.
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Exclusive VIDEO links to drawing sessions every month with commentary. (as well as the incentive listed above)
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Your NAME will added to a special section of the reprint of THE GOD MACHINE. (also you'll receive the other incentives listed above)
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Exclusive before & after previews of NEW pages for THE GOD MACHINE. See raw pencils and finalized colors side by side. View 2 a month! Even commentary! It's a great look into the process I do through to achieve the final product! (Plus all listed incentives above)
Comic Script Page
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You'll get to read volume 2 of The God Machine before anyone else! Get to read a page a month in the raw (final dialog  scenes may differ!) (comes with listed above incentives)
Crazy Crayon Commission
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Get a monthly CRAZY CRAYON COMMISSION!!! Your choice of whatever you want. 8.5x11 on Bristol board- in crayon! (All incentives listed above included)
Random GOD MACHINE Print
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Hand selected by me, an 8.5x11 print from THE GOD MACHINE. If you've bought prints from me before I will show you what I've selected for you before sending out to you. (All listed above incentives included)
GOD MACHINE Character Sketch
$90 or more per month 0 patrons
Monthly pencil sketch  of a GOD MACHINE character of your choice. On 8.5x11 Bristol board. (Includes all listed incentives above)
Tea Time with Chandra Free
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Skype video tea time with me! Q&A or just chit-chat for 30 minutes, whatever. :) Tell me what kind of teas you like and I'll send you a satchel of tea for one cup of tea you can have while we chat! (All the above incentives are included, plus a bonus surprise quick sketch)
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