Kab00omers update!
Recently there was an update on the twitch API which changed the authentication process of client applications (https://blog.twitch.tv/client-id-required-for-kraken-api-calls-afbb8e95f843#.1uh4x86c7).

I hope that I have fixed it for now and that the kabooomers payout works again without a problem. In the long term I might have to make a partial re-design on my kab00om-bot  architecture. But for now I am happy that it should work again.

I will announce bigger development stuff, regarding the kab00om-bot and the loyalty system here as well!

Thanks a lot for your support! :)

Tier Benefits
$1 or more per month
There we have it. The sub-option below the twitch fee. Thanks for your support! In order to be able to give you the benefits on the (potential) homepage please use the EXACT same name as you use on your twitch-account!! When you go for the 1$ patreon, you also have to cover the (paypal) processing fees (currently ~32cent). Please don't forget that.
$3 or more per month
To have an in-between support option, I have added the 3$ patreon/sub option. You don't have to use it, you can go for the 1$ option but when you can and would like to support me with a bit more money this is the way to go. Thanks a lot for your support :)!
$5 or more per month
You like the idea of the online gaming community, the games and more and would like to support me for that? Awesome. With this tier you are set for level 3! Thanks a lot for your support!
$10 or more per month
Almost the maximum amount with which I feel comfortable. I guess this means you clearly enjoy the games, the atmosphere and you are able to spend that amount of money. Thanks a lot for helping me out so much!
$25 or more per month
Masterful amount and support. The maximum amount of support I feel comfortable with. Thanks a LOT for your support!
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