Kadoodles on Patreon...now with MOAR TIERS!
Amg! I edited my tiers a bit! A new one has been added...a $7 tier where you can opt into getting an inked portrait on your birthday! Oooo ahhhh. 

This means that ALL patrons that pledge $7 or more NEED to send me the day and month of their birthday (or else I will assume you are choosing to opt out). 

Other than that I changed a few other things:

  • I got rid of the limit on the amount of colors used for the $5  - $10 freebie drawings, since I wasn't following my own rule anyways. ALL THE COLORS!
  • I made the $20 tier and the $40 tier a bit better! They now get an inked piece (at $20) and a full color piece ($40) each month.
  • I also made it more clear that for the $20 tier you WILL be getting extra stuff in the envelope I send each month. So mysteriousssss.